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benedict & osunqhirhine

Messagepar lagadex » 2008-08-12, 15:50

j'ai besoin d'aide pour trouver les parents du couple j'ai beau chercher mais je ne trouve rien

louis elijah lazarre benedict

marié 1820 ou 1823
congrénational church odanak

marie osunkhirhine

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Messagepar Aurelie » 2010-03-08, 14:32

Au nom de l'épouse que vous donnez j,ai ceci dans
le BMS2000

Salomon Benedict ( Lazare et Mary Osunkerhine )
Mary Nagazowa (conjoint précédent Jean Nolet)
26/12/1896 Odanak protestant Odanak
Salomon eu comme épouse précédente: Mathilde Obomsawin

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Benedict et Osunkhirhine

Messagepar Aurelie » 2010-03-08, 14:38

Y a aussi ceci de tres bien :D

Last updated 02-Sep-00
Possible Family Origin: A Western Abenaki name [Day 1981]
Other Possibly Spellings: Osunkilaine, O'Sunkerine, Wzôkhihlain
Probable Native Name: wzôkhihláin 'he approaches flying' [Day 1981]
Other Places Where Family Name Appears: Port Huron MI
Other Notes: Francois Joseph Louis 'Kouglolet' m. Catherine Lazare/Vassal. They had 3 known children; Pierre Paul, Marie, and Louis Francois. Catherine's 2nd husband was Toussaint Masta.
Marie (1799-1862) m.1820 to Elijah 'Lazare' Benedict. Louis (1804-1879) m.1829 to Marie Madeleine de Gonzague.
Pierre Paul Osunkherhine (also known as Peter Masta) attended school at Hanover, NH from 1822 to 1829. He later became a schoolmaster and Congregational Minister at Odanak. He wrote and translated books in Abenaki. Sometime between 1858 and 1861 he moved his family to Port Huron MI where he died in 1890. He had at least 14 children by his two wives, but many died in infancy. His daughter, Priscille, remained at Odanak and married in 1866. A son, Silas, (b.1849) died in NH in 1882. Daughter Matilda m. Stephen Jemison, a Seneca.
The family name is also known to have connections with the Penobscot in Maine.
Pierre Paul Osunkhirhine attendedMoor's Charity School & Dartmouth College

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